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American Star Manufacturing, LLC.

Amsoil Dealer


Bel-Ray Belstaff


Bikebone Motorcycel, ATV & Trailer Security

Bill Silver's Vintage Honda Books

Brook Suspension

Cheng Shin Chris Products

Chopper Surplus

Cycle Depot

Diamond Chain

Dunlop Eclipse

Elite Security supplies

Goodridge Gorilla


K+N K+S Kreem Kryptonite Leak Proof Fork Seals M2R

Klotz Kreem



Motion Pro

Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Superstore

NGK Phoenix PJ1 Premier Pro Clean 1000

Portable Garage

Protect All=

Reactive Parts




SSR Suspension

SSR Suspension areShropshire's solespecialist supplying motorcycle suspensionproduct's and services toall, with full workshopfacilities we are able tooffer you the customer afull range of optionsfrom basic servicing thruto more comprehensivework such as re-valvingyour machines stockequipment. We willprovide you with theexpert advice andknowledge which will helpyou to choose from anumber of options, be itoem or aftermarket andfrom a number ofcompanies such as K-Tech,Mupo, Ohlins, Nitron,Matris and SKF.We offer individualset-ups and a host ofmodifications for anyrider regardless ofability or pace and havethe capability to providesupport from track torace, from the averageroad rider who wishes abit more support andplushness from theirmachine, or an avid trackrider looking to get moreenjoyment due to lessrestrictions that beingon track allow. Finallythe the club racer andbeyond who requires thebest response from theirmachine to help themreduce their lap timesand achieve their goalsmaximising theirpotential, we understandthat we are allindividuals and thateverybody has their ownpreferences and ridingstyles, to coin a phrase"one size fits all" couldnot be any further fromthe truth in the world ofmotorcycle handling.

The Quad Parts Guy


Ujay Leather



Zero Gravity

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