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XCMG's XCA160L8 Double-Engine High-Power Crane – The Celebrity of Versatility!
Publication Date: 2023-12-15 Promulgator:admin Clicks:3319
XCA160L8 has been quite popular since its launch, many customers believe that he is a magic weapon for casual work, summarized as "heavy, far lifting, but also fast" properly born for casual work.
Eight sections of 88 meters main boom, the maximum lifting weight of 6.5t, the main boom plus jib 116.6 meters maximum lifting weight of 1.6t, this height can basically cover the vast majority of the tower crane dismantling and installation, high altitude floors.
XCMG's attention to safety is engraved in the bone, how to guard the safety of lifting, is XCMG's R & D engineers in the design of the product's primary thinking, XCA160L8 outrigger span to do 9.1 × 7.9 meters, to ensure that the chassis is as stable as Mount Tai, you can make a hard to hang on it, to protect your safety.
60 tons of counterweight, can achieve a maximum operating range of 74 meters, I know there must be a lot of people began to calculate in their minds if they can add more counterweight not to be able to lift more? Many customers when purchasing the car is this way, would rather spend more money also want to add some counterweight, can give 70 tons of counterweight the best, or 65 tons also make do, but for us manufacturers, arbitrarily increase the counterweight in order to get stronger overloading capacity is very irresponsible, the manufacturers have been in the outriggers, counterweights, the combination of the arm to make the right conditions for their own, if the sudden increase in the counterweight, the outrigger force and the arm force extra Increase, this can only increase the vehicle wear and tear, over time, the car will be out of order.
Now we all pay more attention to the operating cost, XCA160L8 can bring 30t counterweight plus pads with the truck.
The remaining 30t can be pulled away by one vehicle, which saves you a lot of trouble!
Then say this all-ground chassis, Faster 12-speed automatic transmission, eliminating the trouble of manual, but also with a transfer case (know the industry to know, the transfer case can adapt to different driving conditions), full disc brake braking, heat dissipation and braking stability than the traditional drum brakes have been greatly improved, full axle steering 6 steering modes, five axle chassis turning diameter of 18.5m, the smallest ground clearance 309mm, what do you mean by "all-ground"? This is called full ground!