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CLG620H Full Hydraulic Roller

                                                                CLG620H Full Hydraulic Roller


Features & Benefits

Operator Comfort

Very low noise, vibration and sound greatly reduced. 3 grade absorption rubber used greatly reduced vibration felt. ROPS cab.

Radio, defrosting glass, heater, AC included.


Powerful reliable Dongfeng Cummins engine.

World-class parts used increases reliability and performance.

Parts and service you can count on.

Ease of Maintenance

Vibration system maintenance free.

Easy engine access with lots of maintenance space.

Engine cover hydraulically opens.

Main points easily reachable

Built for Efficiency

Anti skid differential brakes.

Designed for powerful efficient soil compaction.

Radiator at rear of cab reduces dust and increases heat dispersion.

Meets EU stage I/EPA tier I emission requirements





Gross Power

140 kW (188 hp ) @ 2,300 rpm

Net Power

126 kW (169 hp ) @ 2,300 rpm

Vibration Frequency Range

32 / 28 Hz

Centrifugal Force Range

400 / 210 kN

Working Width

2,130 mm

Operating Weight

20,000 kg


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