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CLG6026III Tandem Hydrostatic Vibratory Roller

                                                                      CLG6026III Tandem Hydrostatic Vibratory Roller


Features & Benefits

Operator Comfort

Safe and comfortable open and closed cabs available to suit users.

Machine equipped with noise reduction technology


Impact decrease technology increases life of hydraulic components.

3 sprinkler design with gravity and pressure sprinkler increases up-time and provides professional looking results.

World-class parts used increases reliability and performance. Parts and service you can count on.

Ease of Maintenance

Easy engine access with lots of maintenance space

Built for Efficiency

World-class Cummins engine with high power and low fuel consumption.

Energy conservation technology adjusted itself to environment and saves fuel.

Designed for powerful efficient asphalt compaction.

Amplitude reduction technology reduces amplitude ensuring flat work

Powershift for smooth strong gear shifts

Meets EU stage IIIA/EPA tier 3 emission standards.





Gross Power

26.1 kW @ 2,800 rpm

Net Power

23.4 kW ( 31.4 hp ) @ 2,800 rpm

Vibration Frequency Range

63 / 52 Hz

Centrifugal Force Range

35 / 23 kN

Working Width

1,200 mm

Operating Weight

2,650 kg


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